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Victor Summer 2024 Training Programs

Attention Victor Student Athletes!! What are you doing this summer to prepare for next season!?

This summer, Next Level Strength & Conditioning will be offering comprehensive Sports Performance training at VCS for Middle School (5th-8th grade) and High School Student Athletes! These cutting edge programs will include the latest in scientifically proven training methods, designed to decrease the risk of injury and drastically improve performance (strength, power, speed, agility, conditioning and more). Participants will receive close guidance and individualized feedback from a team of highly qualified Next Level Strength & Conditioning Coaches, to maximize training results and safety.

Registration details below.

Each session will consist of the following:

  • Comprehensive performance prep (mobility, injury reduction protocols)
  • Power, Speed, Agility (plyometrics, med ball training, sprints and change of direction)
  • Functional strength training (meaningful exercise selection and volume/ intensity with an emphasis on proper technique)
  • Energy system specific conditioning
  • High intensity team building competitions


Click the links below for more information and to reserve your spot today!

HS Camp (incoming grades 9-12)

  • 6 Weeks (Starting Week of 7/8)
  • M,W,TH
  • 10:30am-12pm

MS Camp (incoming grades 5-8)

  • 6 Weeks (Starting Week of 7/8)
  • M,W
  • 12-1pm


Contact us with questions:

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