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Our Story

In 2004, Next Level founder Nate VanKouwenberg was fresh out of college from Brockport State University, where he studied Physical Education, Exercise Science and played four years of NCAA hockey. After experiencing the drastic benefits of quality training first hand while preparing for his senior year, Nate decided to pursue opportunities in strength and conditioning, in addition to teaching PE full time in the Rochester area. Over the past twenty years, Next Level Strength & Conditioning has grown from Nate training a few high school athletes on summer break at a local gym, to a nationally recognized sport performance and functional fitness training facility, serving hundreds of people each year at multiple locations.

What has been the key to our success over the years? The people. We would not be here without the support of our amazing staff, dedicated athletes, and loyal adult members. There have been countless lessons learned through the mistakes we have made since opening our own 5,000 square foot training facility in 2013, but by always prioritizing good people, we’ve been able to overcome adversity and thrive together.

However, we are far from content. Our team is on a constant mission to improve every aspect of the Next Level training experience, in order to better guide the people who trust us to the best version of themselves. We promise to always prioritize Good People, Quality Training, and Real Results. Regardless of where the next twenty years takes us, and we hope to have you along for the ride!

Our mission is to guide the people we
work with to be the best version of
themselves by prioritizing relationships,
character, and leadership.

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