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Here is what our clients are saying:

Stated by: Paul Ojeda

Mike (and all the Next Level crew):

Thank you very much for providing Baylee with an exceptional training experience!

Her strength, flexibility, balance and speed have all improved since she started working with you. Beyond that, I have seen a level of confidence in her that I hadn't seen before. Getting her involved in your training system was the best decision I have made in her athletic career. She feels extremely prepared for her upcoming lacrosse season, and also has a solid understanding of the types of exercises she will be required to perform when she goes on to play college lacrosse.

I will look into what her in-season training program will be with her team will be and be in touch.

Thanks again!


Stated by Bill Gleason

"I take advantage of every opportunity to tell folks about how pleased I am with Next Level Strength and Conditioning. Nate and Ashlee Van Kouwenberg have created an atmosphere where everyone from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior to the reformed couch potato can feel comfortable. Once comfortable with the surroundings and the top notch coaching it's an easy transition to partnering with the Next Level staff to develop a "program" that will help meet your individual goals. My original goal was to fit into the same jean size I wore in college - 30 years ago. I am happy to report I achieved that goal. It was not without hard work and dedication but Nate's team pushes you while keeping the process and the workouts fun. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Next Level family. And that is truly what I like best - the sense of community that Next Level has fostered. Thanks Nate and Ashlee for your guidance, coaching and friendship. "

Stated by one of the most well respected golf instructors in the area, Brian Jacobs:

"Nate and Trevor,
This is a long time coming but I wanted to let you both know how grateful for making a positive change in my life.
I appreciate the time and energy you both spend making me the best I can be and I have to tell you both I have never felt more fit, functional or healthier.
There is always room to improve but from a golf perspective I have never felt stronger and more energetic and I am gaining distance! I recently shot 69 at Ridgemont Country Club and have shot in the 60's more than 5 times this season and under par 5+ times. I am also able to give lessons all day, every day with no soreness or energy depletion which is critical to business as people always deserve my best!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I feel so grateful and blessed to know you both!!
Brian Jacobs, PGA
Director of Instruction-Brian Jacobs Golf 
Trackman Golf Instructor
Hank Haney PRO Certified Instructor
Nike Golf Swoosh Staff
Eyeline Golf 4 Putting Elements Certified Instructor 

From Colby Spooner:
"Next level strength and conditioning has helped me improve my game tremendously! Nate and his trainers are very knowledgeable and push their athletes to achieve ultimate performance while keeping them safe at the same time."

From Bryan Haude, Suny Geneseo ‘15 - Ice Hockey Goaltender

Throughout the course of the 12-week pro level training program provided by Nate VanKouwenberg of Next Level, I was able to significantly improve both on and off the ice. Next Level’s approach targets an athlete’s explosiveness, endurance, flexibility and strength in order to allow them to play at their optimum potential.
I can honestly say that after completing the program, my game has been elevated to a point that it has never reached in the past. I feel so much stronger, quicker and confident in the net and as a result, I am making more saves. At the end of the summer, some of my weights had gone up in excess of 60 pounds. Everyday I needed to push myself to get through the training session but it was the best decision that I had ever made. Nate does a great job at keeping his clients motivated in a friendly but yet professional environment where the purpose is for everyone to improve. If you really have the drive to get better, Next Level offers all the tools to succeed.

I started working with Nate in the summer of ‘10 and each summer since has given me more and more of an opportunity to succeed. I am greatly looking forward to the opening of the new training facility and all it has to offer.

From Frank Clark, father of Lacey Clark

For as long as I can remember my daughter Lacey had aspirations of playing Division 1 softball. We knew she was pretty talented from a skill standpoint but we also knew this would be the case with many other softball player’s she would compete against in her College Showcase Tournaments. She needed an edge and that was where Next Level came in. Lacey started training with Nate VanKouwenberg as a 9th grader and her performance increased dramatically!  Due to this increase Lacey started to receive many interests from College Coaches. When we narrowed our choices down and spoke with the Division 1 coaches that recruited her they all said the same thing, “We are very interested in Lacey because she is such a good athlete”. Hardly a word was spoken regarding her softball ability. Thank you Next Level for making Lacey more powerful and explosive! There is no doubt this training helped her to  fulfill her dream of playing Division 1 softball as she has accepted a scholarship to play at a Top 20 college- Hofstra University!

From John Taylor, after taking on the beginner ROOTS General Fitness Program 

I just wanted to thank you and your coaches for the personal attention you've paid to me... it really made all the difference in me getting started back into a program. Your philosophy and your staffs excellence really makes your gym and services stand out from the rest.  And wanted to let you know that I will be continuing in the Intermediate group. I'm looking forward to this!