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Sundays with Coach Kurt

1/28 @ 11am
2/10 @ 11am
2/28 @ 11am
3/10 @ 11am
3/24 @ 11am

Location TBA each week!

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A note from Coach Kurt

Health, in its simplest definition, is a balance of life's stress. The word tends to catch a bad rap, but stress inputs are constant - think emotional, chemical, thermal, nutritional, etc. - and actually crucial to our physical, mental, and emotional health. You may hear the terms eustress (good) or distress (bad) to describe certain activities, but net direction (positive or negative as it impacts our health) of each input is more accurately determined by total stress load and our ability to recover from it. 

Exercise is a physical stress, one that we are relatively in control of manipulating. A few of our members have recently requested more intensity to "blow off steam," but as we know, too much of any good thing can be harmful. We stand by the benefits of vegetables, sunshine, and difficult mental tasks as well, but consider the theoretical impact of sitting in a shade-less field chomping on broccoli and reading textbooks all day. The dose always matters. 

Dose Matters

There are two mechanisms by which we can continue to enjoy the benefits of exercise - or even INCREASE the amount by which we benefit, so we can exercise harder or more frequently. We can either, A) remove stress from other sources, and/or B) improve our control systems for managing a larger stress load. In effect, option A reduces total stress load, and option B stretches above curve width-wise so that the sweet spot for exercise exists at a higher stress load.

The goal for our new Sunday sessions is to accomplish A and B simultaneously. By getting outside, removing technological inputs, and socializing in a pressure-free situation, we reduce total stress. By focusing on breathing, quality of low intensity movement, and working IN as opposed to working out, we drive our various control systems (limbic, hormonal, visceral, nervous) to be more efficient at managing the other stresses we are exposed to. The result is a better prepared you, for whatever life has in store. You really can't lose. 

Come as you are. Hope to see you all there!