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ROOTS - Adult Functional Fitness


Attention current Roots Family Members and Functional Fitness enthusiasts! After collecting feedback from member surveys and several informal conversations, we’ve decided to shake up how we offer our Roots Adult Functional Fitness classes throughout the week. 

Our mission is to help each Roots Family Member achieve their personal wellness goals by offering quality functional fitness training, in a safe and supportive environment. We believe that by combining a strong sense of community, individualized training modifications and lifestyle hacks required to maximize results outside of the gym, each Roots Family Member will have the tools they need to look, feel and move their best. 

When it comes to the physical fitness side of wellness, there’s a wide spectrum of what we would consider quality, meaningful and valuable to our Roots Family Members. Over the past several years, we’ve done our best to sprinkle a little bit of everything in each class to offer a comprehensive training experience each session. Although we support this approach, we’ve realized that many of our Roots Family Members tend to gravitate toward one end of the spectrum or the other. 

So, after a great deal of consideration, starting this fall, we’ve decided to split our Roots classes into three different themed sessions that will be offered throughout the week. The goal is to give current and future Roots Family Members the ability to pick their preferred end of the quality functional fitness spectrum and/or add some variety to their weekly routine, instead of getting a little bit of everything each session. Our Roots membership will not change! Roots Family Members can attend any Roots session offered week to week. No need to pick one type of offering exclusively! Despite splitting our classes into these different themes, all Roots sessions will still prioritize community, individualized modifications, safety and our core functional fitness philosophy that has helped countless adults reach their goals to this point. 

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of our new Roots themed offerings!


Strength is the foundation of functional fitness and wellness, regardless of age, individualized goals or ability level. Aside from the proven links to increased life expectancy and physical longevity, strength focused workouts will provide a huge bang for your buck each session! 

Adults are athletes too and our Roots Family Members will be treated that way in our Roots STRENGTH classes! 

Each session will consist of:

  • Comprehensive Movement Prep
  • Power Focus (med balls, jumps, etc.)
  • Strength Complexes 
  • Metabolic Conditioning

All workouts will be modified for each individual based on ability level, goals and screen results. The Roots STRENGTH program will cycle through 3 week phases to allow adult athletes to maximize progress week to week. Adult athletes will have the option to track their weights each week as well. 

Roots STRENGTH will be offered:

  • M,W,F: 5-6am
  • T,TH: 7-8am
  • M: 6-7pm
  • T,TH: 5-6pm


Roots MET-CON will focus primarily on METabolic CONditioning, by incorporating a wide range of functional training methods in high intensity intervals, also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Each session will consist of a comprehensive movement prep, friendly relays/ competitions and high intensity intervals using free weights, sleds, bikes, med balls and ropes with meaningful, safe and scientifically proven work to rest ratios. There will be scaled versions of each workout, with individualized modifications for all skill and ability levels!

Roots MET-CON will be offered:

  • T,TH: 5:30-6:30am
  • W: 6-7pm
  • Sat: 8:30-9:30am

Roots FLOW Roots flow graphic

Roots FLOW is an exploration of the body's natural movement abilities, valuing efficiency, mindfulness, and creativity over more traditional exercise metrics such as sets, reps, and caloric expenditure.

Borrowing challenges from a range of disciplines such as yoga, parkour, gymnastics, sport performance, and martial arts, we seek a state of "flow" through continuous development of physical skills, adaptability, and mental fortitude which extend far beyond the walls of the gym.

This program is for anyone and everyone, either as a stand-alone training methodology or for those seeking a bit of variety in their training. Come as you are!

"Learning is never cumulative; it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end." - Bruce Lee

Roots FLOW will be offered:

  • M,W,F 6-7am

We will always strive to deliver a training environment that will positively impact the lives of our Roots Family Members and create a community that will inspire personal growth far beyond our gym walls. Please continue to provide feedback based on your experience at Next Level! Thank you for your continued support and trust! 

Roots Weekly Schedule as of 9/3* 
(*due to Labor Day 9/2)






















































* Members can attend any Roots session each week!

  • Unlimited Membership: $125/ month 

  • Up to 2 Days/ Week Membership: $100/ month

  • Single Session Drop In: $15

TO GET STARTED: Email: to schedule your FREE trial session, or Functional Screen/ Goal Setting Consultation!

* $5 Discount for immediate family members (unlimited only)

* Unused sessions do not carry over from week to week with 2 Day Membership

* Members can change membership options month to month

*Excellus & MVP members may be able to get reimbursements for training- check with your insurance providers! We will provide documentation of visits and purchases.

** Open Gym will be available for UNLIMITED Roots members:

Showers and locker rooms are available!

What is ROOTS?

Getting back to the Roots of functional fitness without all the BS!

Look, feel and move your best with Roots Adult Functional Fitness. Everything you need and nothing you don't. Join our close group of Next Level Family members to reach your individualized goals! All ages and ability levels welcome! Try a session for free anytime!

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