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Spring Break Conditioning Camp!

What are you doing over Spring break to get better? Take advantage of your time off from school by putting in extra work to reach your goals!

This April, we’ll be offering a four day conditioning camp for athletes grades 6-12! Each session will include developmentally appropriate mobility, speed/ agility, power, functional strength and energy system specific conditioning in a fun and competitive environment.  Athletes of similar age and ability will be paired together. Coach Moon will provide close guidance and feedback to maximize training results and safety.


Monday 4/2, Tuesday 4/3, Wednesday 4/4, Thursday 4/5



$70 for all 4 Sessions
$20/ single session


Email Coach Mike Moon to enroll TODAY!

  • In your email, please specify:

    • Athlete's name

    • Age

    • Day(s) Attending

  • Registration Deadline 3/30! Limited Spots Available!

Please note that you will NOT use sessions on your current membership toward this camp. We will still be offering our normal sport performance sessions at their regular times during this week for those who do not join the camp. 

 Day 1: Performance Testing
  • 20y Sprint Test
  • Vertical Jump Test
  • 5.10.5 Pro Agility Test
  • Chin-Up + Pushup Tests
  • 1/4 Body Weight Goblet Squat Reps
  • 20-25 Shuttle Run (under :20 with :40 rest)
Day 2: Agility Ladders + Conditioning Ladder Relay
  • Agility ladders will progress in difficulty and include relays
  • Conditioning Ladder will start with 1 of each exercise in a circuit and build up each round until finished
Day 3: Sprints + Cooperative Team Relays
  • Various Reaction and Chase Sprint Games
  • Team Tic Tac Toe Relay using sleds, crawls, and other implements all at a fast pace

Day 4: Reactive Agility Drills + Cooperative Team Relay
  • Over Hurdles, Around Cones, Tag all in play!
  • Cone Flip Relay - # of flips dictates # of each exercise you'll do with your team circuit style
  • Shuttle Sprint Chase Relay