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Uncaged Camp with Coach Kurt

Sample Uncaged Video Above!

NEW! ADVANCED Adult Functional Fitness: Camp Uncaged with Coach KurtAdult Functional Fitness

We’re excited to announce that Coach Kurt will be offering an 8 week Adult Functional Fitness Camp starting January 4th! Camp Uncaged will be geared toward our advanced Roots members and any other highly skilled fitness enthusiast that’s interested in diving into high level functional skills and movement concepts, all tied in to an effective training session.

The first 8 week block will focus primarily on progressing the Handstand Push-up, Single Leg Squats, Movement Flow and complimentary Kettlebell work.

Here’s a sample Camp Uncaged session outline:

10-15 Minutes

  • Comprehensive joint prep including wrists and ankles
  • Basic dynamic/locomotion warm-up - include skills learned in previous weeks

15 Minutes

  • Daily Flow skill practice 10-15 minutes: multiple directions and speeds
  • Introduction of one new locomotion skill for each of the first 5 weeks, with integration and “flow” over the final 3 weeks.

20 Minutes

  • Strength: Handstand Push-up/ Single Leg Squat
  • Weekly progressions

10 Minutes

  • Metabolic finisher - swings, carries, mixing practiced elements

Recommended Baseline requirements
FMS - 2 on overhead squat assessment and 3 on lunge assessment
15M/8F pushups, 3M/1F BW chin-up, :15s back to wall handstand

Thursdays 5-6pm
8 Consecutive Weeks (1/4 - 2/22)



  • Visit our MindBody Online Page
  • Enter your email and password into the upper right hand corner
  • If you are a current Roots member, but have not accessed Mind Body Online before, click "Need Password?" under where you would enter your password to create a password using the same email we have for you in our system.
  • Once you have logged in successfully, switch from the program schedule tab to the clinics tab, that you have the correct date, and you will be able to click "Sign Up Now" for Uncaged
  • It will prompt you to enroll, then bring you to a page to Check Out.  From there it will ask for CC information to complete your order.