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Stiff, painful neck?

Thursday, November 3, 2016
Nate VanKouwenberg, MA, CFSC, USAW

Stiff, painful neck? Tingling down your arm? Forward head posture from sitting at your desk or looking at your phone all day? Check out the neck reconditioning and postural maintenance series below! # Due to an epic ATV fail this summer, I found out what an actual pain in the neck feels like. What started off as stiffness and lack of mobility progressively turned into jolting pains, numbness in my arm/ hand and pulsating aches that started to affect my day to day. After a few appointments for soft tissue work/ cervical traction and 2 cortisone shots, I’m feeling much better! # As a Strength Coach I preach the importance of posture countless times each day. Throughout this process, I’ve realized that I need to take my own advice. Unfortunately as a business owner I’m at my computer and on my phone a lot more than I coach these days. Although I make my own workouts a priority even on the busiest of days, with the amount of time I’m at my computer, I’ve realized that I need to do more to focus on postural maintenance and neck health. # The cervical traction and cortisone treatments obviously played a huge role in my recovery, but I also performed this neck series multiple times each day. If you’re dealing with similar symptoms and/or you’re stuck hunched over a computer all day, perform the series below 2-3x/ day for a week or two and see how you feel! # * Heat, Foam Roll, Lax Ball on upper traps/ scapular stabilizers/ pecs, 90-90 diaphragmatic breathing (not on video) # 1. Prone Cervical Retraction against gravity 10x # 2. Prone Cervical Retraction against gravity + Extension 10x # 3. Prone Cervical Retraction against gravity + Rotation 10x # 4. Quadruped Opposite Quadrant Rotations (lower corner to opposite upper corner) 10x # 5. Kneeling Upper Trap Stretch w/ Deep Muscle Relaxation 10x # 6. Crossed Legs Seated Thoracic Mobility Hold w/ Lateral Cervical Flexion 10x (*still some obvious asymmetry in this clip!) # 7. Crossed Legs Seated Thoracic Mobility Unassisted Hold Hold 10 breaths # 8. Crossed Legs Seated Thoracic Mobility Unassisted w/ 1 Arm Horizontal Abduction/ Scapular Retraction 10x # Thanks for reading/ watching! I’m always open to feedback! Enjoy! -Nate

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