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Fairport Little League Sport Performance

Talent is only a small component of what it takes for an athlete to be successful!

For every talented athlete, there are hundreds, if not thousands of others just like them. It's what an athlete does beyond their regular practices and games that will make them stand out above the rest. If you're not willing to put in the extra time and effort to gain an edge on your competition, someone else is and you will be left behind! 

We are happy to announce that we will be offering a 10% discount to all Fairport Little League athletes!

Our Big 3 on why S&C IS Important! 

  1. Prevention of ACL tears & Overuse Injuries! Strong, mobile, symmetrical & stable baseball players are able to withstand a large volume of repetitive motions without experiencing injuries!
  2. Performance Based Goals! Stronger/more powerful bodies=bigger/faster hits/throws. 
  3. Better Team Cohesion-Members of cohesive teams have emotional and social bonds that link them to one another and to the group as a whole. 


Program Details:
This program is designed to introduce the foundations of functional movement and sports performance with an emphasis on skill development! Our team of Certified Functional Strength Coaches will provide close guidance to teach developmentally appropriate strength training exercises, sprint technique and other performance based skills to maximize results and safety. Not only will this program promote improved body awareness and self-esteem, but participants will experience noticeable performance gains due to an increase in functional strength, coordination, balance, speed/ agility and much more!

MS Sports Performance will include:

  • Close guidance from experienced strength coaches to address individualized needs (low coach to player ratio!)
  • Detailed Nutrition and Lifestyle personalized guidance
  • Pre and post testing to monitor progress
  • Next Level Dryfit Shirt


12 Weeks (On-going program, sign up anytime!)

  • MS SP 1: M,W
    • 5-6pm
  • MS SP 2: T,TH
    • 5-6pm
  • MS SP 3: T,TH
    • 7-8pm
    • Conditioning Camps will be offered! Contact for Details!
    • -T,TH (5th-8th Grade) from 3-4pm
    • Weeks of 1/9-2/13 (6 weeks)
    • $120/ Full 6 Week Program
    • $75/6 Pack of Sessions


  • Full 12 Week Price
    • $450
  • 6 Week Price (Contact Us with Ideal Start Date)
    • $250
  • Single Session Pricing
    • 6 pack $135

1. Visit our online scheduling site HERE
2. Login or create an account
3. Click the Group Sports Performance tab
4. Scroll down to select the appropriate program
5. Click Enroll/ Enter billing information to pay online
6. Contact Us with questions, or to pay by cash/ check