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For over 12 years, Next Level Strength and Conditioning has offered the latest in Sports Performance Training to countless Youth, High School, College and Professional Athletes. Our team of knowledgeable strength coaches possess a wealth of experience working with athletes and general fitness clients of all ages and skill levels. We take pride in offering developmentally appropriate programs with sound progressions and sequencing, within a closely supervised environment to maximize results and safety. 

Our brand new 5,000 square foot training facility in Fairport is unlike any other privately owned facility in the area! Regardless of your age, sport, skill level or training goals, we can help you reach the Next Level!

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Why Next Level?

Our mission is simple: to assist each individual athlete and general fitness client in achieving their personal goals by implementing a comprehensive strength & conditioning program, driven by scientifically proven training methods, with an emphasis on injury prevention and authentic performance.

Next Level All-Stars

We are very proud to call these high level athletes Next Level All-Stars! Many of these well known athletes have been with us since the beginning and continue to come back each year! Regardless of your sport, age and experience level, we can help you reach the Next Level!